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and other useful features to enhance your trading experience.

Enter your preferred trading platform and begin trading any currency, gold, or bitcoin.

The OceanFX trading platform is widely used, as it caters to the needs of all investors regardless of their level of knowledge. We are at your service with a leading trading platform that is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and capabilities to assist you in securely and easily manage your investments from any browser. You are not required to install any application on your mobile device or computer. 

It gives you complete access to our multi-asset trading accounts, including all functionality, via a simple Web interface. If you�re the type of trader who wants to trade forex and explore markets without investing a lot of time and effort in market research, the Webtrader trading platform is ideal for you. Our WebTrader requires no download or installation and can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet, from anywhere in the world.

There are several attributes of Web Trader that we are particularly proud of. You�ll find detailed market categorization, such as currency pairs classified as major, minor, and exotic; commodities classified as metals, energy, agriculture, and stocks and indices classified according to the industries to which they belong. It is a favorable trading environment that has been designed to make trading easier for traders.


� Simple to use interface

Web trader was created to be as simple to use as possible for novice traders, while still being powerful enough to handle any strategy they choose to implement.

� Adaptability

Change the appearance of the interface as desired. Which data you'd like to see displayed in the interface. Decide whether you want news and events to remain on the screen at all times.

� Extensive feature set

Once your account is created, explore the platform. This way, you'll know exactly what to look for. You'll notice that the platforms provide all of the tools necessary for success.