Trade precious metals, energies
and agriculture products

You can trade commodities on all major metals through OceanFX, including platinum, copper, silver, and, of course, gold.
Whether you’re looking to test your hedging strategy or simply want to diversify your portfolio, our selection of precious and base metals provides exciting – and potentially profitable – investment opportunities in both long and short positions.

Our product offering includes Brent and crude oil, as well as natural gas. These market leaders are renowned for their extreme volatility and robust market liquidity, which compensate for their higher-than-average risk levels with high returns. 

Wheat, corn, sugar, and cotton are just a few of the major crop commodities and raw materials we provide. Several commodity markets and exchanges around the world trade these basic commodities, which are critical in today’s global economy. Futures and options on these assets can provide ample opportunities to make large profits from relatively small investments due to their high price volatility.

Enter our platform to enjoy a truly intuitive online trading experience, along with lightning-fast execution and excellent leverage on every trade – regardless of the amount of money you put down.

Additionally, once you open an account, you’ll gain immediate access to accurate, real-time market data, such as financial data, quotes, charts, and trading signals, among other things.